"Little Miss Mischief" WW2 Nose Art Mug

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This large stylish mug makes a perfect addition to the kitchen, office, garage or aircraft hangar or just a great present to fans of this period. It is Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Little Miss Mischief was an USAAF B17G that flew out of Bassingbourn. She was unlike the typical B-17 as her amazing combat history left her with an unusual appearance. After catching heavy flak over Germany she needed extensive repairs. By the time they were finished the repaired plane incorporated parts from 13 different aircraft! This left a "half and half" effect throughout the plane.

Nose art was put on the front of many WW2 bombers and was based upon actresses or girlfriends.  It was used to bring good luck and it clearly demonstrates the plucky spirit of the crews at that time.

Our exclusive mug features original artwork inspired by the images on the B17G.  On one side "Little Miss Mischief" is featured and on the other the USAAF roundel. 

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